Sunday, April 20, 2008

Drinking The Illadelph: Bluecoat Gin Scores A Little Love In Today's NYT Sunday Styles

So just in time for the warm weather we enjoyed this weekend (and the inevitably even better weather destined for the weeks to come), we were happily reminded of the virtues of Philadelphia’s own Bluecoat Gin.
THINK globally, drink locally.

That’s the theory — somewhat, anyway — behind a spring cocktail that had its debut earlier this month at Bar 44, the reincarnation of the Round Bar in the lobby of the Royalton Hotel in Midtown. With its glass vestibule and expense-account feel, Bar 44 isn’t the venue one might expect to be proclaiming its crunchy cred by noting the down-on-the-farm origins of its cocktail ingredients.
Yet while the drink’s name and provenance may connote standard Manhattan hotel flashiness, its soul lies elsewhere.

Lee Turkey Farm in New Jersey, for instance. Or an organic microdistillery in northeast Philadelphia.

The former, a six-generation family farm in East Windsor, is where the hotel’s beverage director, Somer Perez, is procuring the cherries that color and sweeten her Couture Cooler. The latter is the source of Bluecoat gin, a dry, citrus-y gin, distilled in a hand-hammered copper pot still, that Ms. Perez is mixing with those cherries.

Forget farm to table. Farm to bar is much more fun.

Seriously. A gin-and-tonic is an undeniably delicious summer drink. So why not save the planet a little bit (and simultaneously support a local business) the next time you order one??

(Because when your gin comes from up the street rather than from across the Atlantic Ocean, you save the planet a teeny bit with each sip. *At least that's we tell ourselves…*)

To do so, simply resist the temptation to go with your traditional “Tanqueray and Tonic” next time you’re at the bar and, instead, order a "Bluecoat and tonic." (And for your next BBQ, how about making a nice cool pitcher of Bluecoat Derbies, yes??)

If you’re neighborhood local doesn’t carry it, again, ask them to.

Because they should.

After all, not only is Bluecoat local, but it's also actually very, very good.

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[ Photo via Flickr user MANNAfests ]

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