Thursday, March 06, 2008

Inga Saffron Is Boss

[ Note: Originally, this was part of a longer South Street Bridge post, however, we now realize it should have been its own. ]

BIG UPS go out to our homegirl — the inimitable Inga Saffron — for her nice profile in the March issue of Philadelphia Magazine. (Yes, she’s our homegirl… even if she doesn’t know it.)

Be sure to give it a read. Saffron has been nothing short of a godsend for Philadelphia (and, ahem, the Inquirer) — not so much because of her critiques of buildings like the Symphony House or Citizens Bank Park (although those are great too), but rather because of her tireless advocacy for a better Philadelphia, a better quality of place and built environment, from the ground up.

Philadelphia would be a frickin' mess (even more so than it is, if you can believe that) if it weren’t for her continually lambasting the dire state of urban planning, zoning, and develop-mania here for the past however many years.

We know we are definitely much smarter having had the privilege of reading her for these past half-dozen years or so.

So thank you Inga Saffron. Please don’t stop anytime soon.

A few of our favorite greatest hits from Inga over the years:
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