Monday, March 10, 2008

Eating/Drinking The Illadelph: Shot and a Beer Special at Doobies

The Shot and a beer special at Doobies[ In honor of beer week we have a special Eating The Illadelph feature, another menu item of particular note… ]

Everybody knows about the special at Bob and Barbara’s. You get a shot of Jim Beam and a can of PBR for $3. Not a bad deal for when you’re looking to tie one on. Or on those occasions when you had $10 to your name and you kinda needed to find the bar where that amount would still allow you to catch a buzz. (We’re just sayin’…)

However, not as many are aware of the virtues of the bump and a beer special at Doobies — a huge upgrade in one regard (the beer) but unfortunately a downgrade in the other (the shot).

Doobies pairs one of the best beers that you'll ever find available in a can, one Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale, with one of the cheapest whiskey’s that you’ll ever find in a glass bottle, Heaven Hill Kentucky Bourbon.

But regardless, the beer more than makes up for it. Sly Fox is fast becoming our favorite local brewery other than Yards (what can we say — we're first and foremost Philadelphians). Their Pikeland Pils rivals Victory’s Prima Pils and their Royal Weisse rivals Yards Saison for our favorites in their respective categories.

And the Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale is flat out the truth.

Next time you have the means, we highly recommend you pick one up from your local barkeep. And if they don't carry it — ask your bartender to stock that shit.

And for $5, we are always more than happy to imbibe with one or two of the specials at Doobies.

We just wish someone would go ahead and team up the Sly Fox Pale Ale with a more respectable bourbon, say like Knob Creek, for a special that we could truly get down with. POPE, we’re looking at you. Hell, you could charge us $7 for that and we’d still be some pretty happy campers.

Fucking sweet nectar.

But for now, it’s Doobies. And that aint bad.

Happy Beer Week everyone. American’s #1 beer city indeed.

Philadelphia Makes Its Case As Nation's Best Beer-Drinking City [ USA Today / AP ]

[ Photo by Rickety Cricket ]


Anonymous said...

The Pale Ale is great, but I prefer the Pikeland Pils. That shit is what angels drink. All in all, Sly Fox is probably my favorite beer company, but I prefer beer out of a can because I'm weird.

DeWitt said...

shhh, don't tell people about Doobie's. I was in Grace last night and the place is overrun.