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Breaking (Green Alert): This Phillies Season at Citizens Bank Park, Your Beer Cups To Biodegrade Along With Your Liver

beer at phillies game citizens bank parkRemember how impressed we were when we learned about all the Green stuff the Eagles were doing to minimize the environmental impact of their team, their games and their fans at those games?

And how we wondered when the Phillies would jump on the green bandwagon??

Well, no word on whether the Phillies organization had anything at all to do with it (we’re guessing not
), but Citizens Bank Park will be significantly greener this season regardless.

That’s because food-services-provider-to-the-stars-masses — Philly’s very own Aramark — is introducing several environmentally friendly practices for the 2008 season at ten of the Major League Baseball parks it services.
Practices will include recycling glass, plastic and cardboard generated from game-day preparation; use of biodegradable utensils, cups and napkins made from post-consumer fiber; and recycling of frying oil to be used as biodiesel fuel.

The practices will be instituted at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia; Coors Field, Denver; Fenway Park, Boston; McAfee Coliseum, Oakland, Calif.; Minute Maid Park, Houston; Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore; and PNC Park, Pittsburgh.
If you’re thinking, “big deal — biodegradable cups, napkins and utensils? So what??” Think again.

Greenware cups biodegrade in 50 days instead of a couple centuries.

Plus — we, meaning Phillies fans, are a bunch of Fatty McHugeLargeFattingtons:
On OPENING DAY, fans [at CBP] are expected to consume:

15,000 Hot Dogs
6,000 Soft Pretzels
5,000 Philadelphia Cheesesteaks
4,000 Pounds of French Fries
4,000 Sausage and Pepper Sandwiches
3,000 Slices of Pizza
3,000 Bags of Peanuts
2,000 Orders of Chicken Tenders
2,000 Bags of Cotton Candy
2,000 Bags of Popcorn
1,500 Ice Cream Helmet Cups
1,200 Orders of Chickie’s & Pete’s Crab Fries
1,100 Bull’s BBQ Sandwiches
1,000 Orders of Nachos
1,000 Hamburgers
800 Bags of Cracker Jack
700 The Schmitter sandwiches from McNally’s Tavern
500 Hoagies and Sandwiches from Planet Hoagie
400 Gallons of Ice Cream
That’s a lot of food. Which means a lot of napkins and utensils as well.

And that's just from one game.

Multiply that by 81 (or 70… if you want to account for the opening-day binge/sell-out factor) and you have a veritable shit-ton of food.

And so, by using extremely biodegradable napkins, utensils and cups with said shit-ton of food, Aramark is, in fact, making a big difference.

Which is further reason for you to pass on the crappy light beer in a plastic bottle and instead enjoy a delicious local craft brew on draft, which will come in a biodegradable cup. Yards, Sly Fox, Flying Fish, Troegs and Victory are all on draft at CBP — it's the best beer-drinking ballpark in the country after all.

What about that “recycling glass, plastic and cardboard generated from game-day preparation” bit?

Good question.
At Fenway Park, Coors Field, Minute Maid Park, PETCO Park, Safeco Field and Turner Field ARAMARK Facility Services runs the ballparks’ recycling programs, which include collecting, separating and removing recyclables.
Aramark can only recycle what they control. And, unfortunately, other than during preparation, Aramark will not be recycling that stuff in Philadelphia because they’re not in charge of concourse waste disposal here, i.e. the stuff fans throw away.

Which likely means 10,000+ plastic water, soda and beer bottles will be shamefully thrown away instead of recycled each home game.

And that crime is on the Phillies organization.
On OPENING DAY, fans [at CBP] are expected to consume:

5,000 Bottles of Water
3,000 Gallons of Soda
(They don’t account for bottles of beer… which we figure to mean it’s at least 5,000.)

There’s absolutely no reason why the Phillies can’t contract with Blue Mountain Recycling (as the Eagles do) to take care of recycling all of their waste.

By not doing so, the Phillies organization is simply disrespecting their fans and their city. About whose future well-being, they apparently do not care.

(Not exactly surprising.)

Prove us wrong, Phillies ownership. We'll be happy you did. Tell us you recycle plastic bottles.

Our spirits are buoyed, however, by the fact that Aramark left the Mets' Shea Stadium out of the greening project entirely… probably because they astutely concluded that Shea was simply already too giant a dump for any amount of recycling to help.

Oh, and one other piece of good CBP-related news — again, thanks to Aramark — that should have Team Philebrity/Phoodie pretty psyched:

the ridiculously long line for crab fries at chickie's and pete's at the phillies citizens bank parkThe Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries stand (above) is going to double in size and capacity for 2008. So hopefully that will cut down on the inning-and-a-half wait time that was standard in ’07.

Oh, disgustingly-white-thick-and-gluey-cheese-sauce — how we miss thee…

Aramark has environmental agenda for Phillies' field [ Philadelphia Business Journal ]
Food Service Facts: Citizens Bank Park [, Aramark ]

Eagles Go Green for the Environment, give us a reason to write about them during a week when we care exclusively about baseball

[ Photos via Flickr users Okaypro (top) and gohlkus (bottom) ]

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