Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Eating the Illadelph: Grilled Cheeses Are For Rich People Edition

Grilled Cheese at the Foundry
- Cuba Libre’s chef Guillermo Pernot (formerly of Pasión!) got the Wall Street Journal treatment this weekend with a profile in the Pursuits section of the Weekend Journal. Cool to hear him describe a goal of his cuisine being “to suggest what Cuba's cuisine would be like today had it continued to flourish beyond the takeover by Fidel Castro.” Is right. Effing communists. [ Wall Street Journal ]

- Kudos to Reading Terminal Market for taking a solid step toward making itself and all of its vendors more green. (Duh, a local market should scream green.) The market is now recycling cans, glass, plastic, newspapers and plastic bags. Now, if they only would sell a dope reusable bag for a nominal fee and start charging people who use plastic bags, then we’d really be getting somewhere. Tough love, people. Tough love. [ Reading Terminal Market ]

- What up Kirsten?!?! Good to see you on the ‘sphere, yo. Rock that shit.

- Christopher Lee apparently learned a thing or two from Stephen Starr during his tenure working for the man at Striped Bass. Remember the $100 Cheesesteak at Barclay Prime and all the subsequent press it got? Well Lee (now in New York) has a $50 Grilled Cheese on his menu at the Gilt Restaurant and it just happened to make its way onto an episode of Gossip Girl, that ridiculous show on thhe CW your little sister insists is not awful. Anyway, after the cameo on the show, Lee got invited to appear on Today to make the same sammie for Al, the clip of which is above.

Now, while we love ourselves some grilled cheese — seriously, no joke: Royal, we’ll be by for one in, like, twenty min — we honestly can’t say we mind the new cult-gourmet status the sandwich has garnered. Grilled Cheeses are just plain sexy. Haute or not. [ MSNBC ]

Table 31 at the Comcast Center (Rendering)- First look at Table 31 indeed. The rendering of the dining room (above) looks alright. The bar area, however, looks a tad bit, um, garish. The steakhouse, by team Scarduzio and Perrier, is slated to open in the Comcast Center in May or June. [ Table 31 ]

Market at the Comcast Center- While you’re at it, might as well get ready for the opening of the Market at the Comcast Center, the first glance of which the rock stars at Philly Skyline snapped (above) back in December. Mexican Post will be there. So will Sook Hee’s Produce, La Scala’s and Godiva. That bad boy is scheduled to open in April. (No word on the Di Bruno’s outpost just yet.)

That’s it for now. Go on and steal some of that sunshine.

Happy 2008 B!!!

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