Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Ballad of Billy the King, Fall Guy Extraordinaire *

Billy King and Allen Iverson1997
+ Keith Van Horn
+ Jim Jackson
+ Tim Thomas
+ Eric Montross.
- Keith Van Horn.
+ Theo Ratliff
+ Aaron Mckie
- Jerry Stackhouse.
+ Eric Snow
+ Joe Smith
+ Brian Shaw
- Clarence Weatherspoon
- Jim Jackson.
+ Larry Hughes
+ Nazr Mohammed
+ Jumaine Jones
+ Todd MacCulloch
+ Toni Kukoc.
- Larry Hughes
+ Speedy Claxton
+ Dikembe Mutombo.
- Toni Kukoc
- Theo Ratliff
- Nazr Muhammed
- Pat Croce
+ Samuel Dalembert
+ Jiri Welsch
- Jiri Welsch
+ Todd MacCulloch
+ Keith Van Horn
- Dikembe Mutombo
- Larry Brown
+ Randy Ayers
+ Willie Green
+ Kyle Korver
+ Glenn Robinson
- Randy Ayers
+ Chris Ford
- Chris Ford
+ Jim O’Brien
+ Andre Iguodala
+ Kevin Ollie
- Eric Snow
+ Chris Webber
+ Rodney Rogers
+ Jamal Mashburn
- Glenn Robinson.
- Jim O’Brien
+ Maurice Cheeks


- Allen Iverson …

And so ended our affiliation with the Philadelphia 76ers, a team we loved oh so much. A team, for which we still retain hope that we will, someday, love again.

But that won’t occur while the franchise is owned and operated by the despotic whim of Ed “the worst dude in Philadelphia history” Snider.

Excuse us for a minute as we need to address Mr. Snider directly.

Confidential to Ed Snider: You have single-handedly ruined a great NBA franchise. Please, please sell it. You were right to have considered selling the team last year. Keep the Flyers if you want. But please, PLEASE sell the Sixers.

The abysmal attendance and unbelievably depressing atmosphere at Sixers home games is a direct result of and a perfect metaphor for your colossally poor ownership.

You have been nothing but a nightmare for professional basketball in Philadelphia. Please make this nightmare stop.

At this point, not even Kate, Jenn and Erica could get us in one of your seats.

Philadelphia 76ers Dance TeamAnd that, old man, is saying something.

* Obviously, Billy King was not a true fall guy. The point, however, is that he was hardly the real problem.

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