Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Target Corp. Finally Headed to Market East; Purported to Cure All Related Ills with Plucky Ads and Design For All

Target Store rendering on Market East PhiladelphiaM. Klein over at the Inquirer is reporting that Target is, in fact, finally headed to Market East to occupy at least two floors of the old Strawbridge and Clothier Building at 8th and Market.

This word comes just more than a year after fellow Inquirer columnist Inga Saffron reported that Boscov’s was headed to floors 1-3 of the Strawbridge’s building and that the Family Court would be relocating from Logan Square to floors 4-6.

If PREIT (Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust) has indeed secured Target as a tenant in place of Boscov’s, bully for them. (Boscov’s can take the store at 11th.) City officials have long coveted a Target for 8th and Market, only they wished it to be built on the Southwest corner (above), where currently resides a totally awesome fucktastic surface parking lot.

So what is to become of that lot remains to be seen. As well, the issues with the rest of the stories in the S&C building.

But what we do know is that we sincerely hope Mayor Elect Nutter is boys with Paul Levy and his crew at the Center City District… because the CCD comes correct.

Nutter should be sure to check out exhibits A and B — related to Market Street East — and then make sure that he appropriates the needed authority to the CCD so they can act on their plan and fix that mess.

Market Street East - Philadelphia Pedestrian ConnectionsBecause the potential be deafening.

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Degenerate said...

I've been wondering what happened to that Target project. I think about it everytime I walk past that damn lot at 8th and Market....