Friday, November 16, 2007

Eating/Drinking the Illadelph Alert: Pre-Turkey Day East Passyunk Pow Wow Promises to Be True South Philadelphia Shit-Kicker

East Passyunk AvenueEast Passyunk comes correct. You know they do.

This year’s pre-Thanksgiving, East Passyunk Avenue POW WOW is just the latest example as to how.

A Thanksgiving Eve bar-crawl of sorts along the ‘Shunk, the Pow Wow gets started at Ray’s esteemed Happy Birthday Bar at 6 pm and then makes its way down the Ave, stopping at basically every establishment that endorses fun.

Word is there will be drinks and snacks at each stop, which include Triangle Tavern,
Rita's, Pub on Passyunk East, Paradiso, Cantina Los Cabillitos and Marra's. Tickets are $25 and are available for purchase online.

Obviously, it is time to get your headdresses on.

First Annual East Passyunk Avenue POW WOW [East Passyunk Avenue BID]

[ Photo via Philly Skyline ]

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