Sunday, November 04, 2007

AP details Philly’s current efforts to shed city’s way-outdated image; stumbles when it accompanies said story with a photo from — wait for it — 1988

Old Philadelphia skyline photo from AP article in USA today november 2007The good folk at Philly Skyline would have a field day with this one.

They’re presently out of town so we’re going to have to go ahead and point out the AP’s rather egregious error ourselves.

In an article published Friday, running flush next to the headline, “Philly tourism officials try to shake blue-collar image,” the above photo of the Philadelphia skyline appeared.

Thing is — it’s a bit outdated. Like, by two decades. And not on purpose.

The photo shows the city in the 1988 or 89, after the completion of One Liberty Place and One Commerce Square, with the Bell Atlantic Tower under construction in the background.

The mind baffles.

You’d think the AP, in their vast network of resources, would have a more recent shot of Philadelphia. Or, perhaps, the editor was simply feeling a little ironic.

Whatever the case, for those that are indeed interested in a updated image of Philadelphia, see the appended image, via the accomplished local Flickr user Fen Branklin.

Philadelphia skyline from south street bridge by flickr user fen branklin
Philly tourism officials try to shake blue-collar image… and we’ll be damned if we sit idly by and let them shake shit [ AP via USA Today ]
Yr City's a Sucker by LCD Soundsystem [ Hype Machine ]

[ Photo via Flickr user Fen Branklin ]


jimbabwe24 said...

Yeah, that is pretty sad. However, it is quite cool seeing how the city looked then. It's hard to find pics of Liberty One's construction for example...

I don't know how "respected" news agencies could get away with stuff like this. Makes you wonder about all the other things they report.

Chris said...

fuckin ap

Anonymous said...

You know when i look at this, this really "kills" me. I dont know what it is about other's perception of Philadelphia that makes them do this. AP has to have a more updated picture of Philadelphia, this is truly sad. The city has changed so much and I am ready to move back in another year or two. I love Philly. It is a great city, great culture and truly a city with its own personality. And despite the crime, which Im sure there will be a handle on it soon in the same fashion as NY, Philadelphia has great folks living there. The city is undergoing some major changes and will be a totally different Philadelphia in the very near future. cost of living is not high, situated in a wonderful spot, but just needs to improve job market. hey by the way, the 2007 pic of Philly isn't bad, but there are way better shots of the Philly skyline that boosts the city image....i dont view Philly as the industrial, gritty city, but a cultural, classy, cool, gritty city.