Sunday, September 23, 2007

J-Press strikes back, gives Silk City the Boîte treatment in Sunday Styles

And deservedly so.

Ex Philly-Mag’er Jessica Pressler may have shipped off for alleged greener pastures, ahem,
in NYC, but there’s no doubt she still has love for the streets — in the P - ILL - E.

And we knew she did.
THE vibe here,” said Shawn Hennessey, “is the jawn.” The 27-year-old musician gestured at the neon sign for Silk City, a club-cum-restaurant housed in an old dining car in the gentrifying Northern Liberties neighborhood.

“The jawn is a Philly word,” said Brian Nadav, Mr. Hennessey’s friend and bandmate. “It means ‘a good thing.’ It can be a noun, like you can say, ‘Yo, pass me that jawn’ or ‘I’m the jawn.’ ”
Silk City was not always so enticing. After years of being, in Mr. Hennessey’s words, “a greasy, gritty diner” adjoined with a “dirty, awesome bar,” Silk City reopened in June after a face-lift and has been crowded ever since, especially on Thursday night for “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems,” a dance party featuring pop and hip-hop hits of the 1990s. Once, its late-night scene was made up of truckers, blue-collar workers and drunk 20-somethings being served omelets by cranky waitresses. Only the 20-somethings remain.
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(Well done, Ms. Pressler. Good looking out.)

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When Sunday Styles pieces write themselves, for realsies

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