Monday, September 24, 2007

Eagles Go Green for the Environment, give us a reason to write about them during a week when we care exclusively about baseball

Corn-based compostable cups by GreenWare at Lincoln Financial Field in PhiladelphiaSo here's one from the Department of We-Had-No-Fucking-Idea…

It turns out that the Philadelphia Eagles (yes, your Philadelphia Eagles) are the greenest team (in terms of environmental consciousness, not uniform color) in the entire National Football League and, quite possibly, all of professional sports.

Listen to some of the shit they do.

- The Eagles are the largest buyer of renewable energy in the state, when companies are measured by amount purchased per employee.

- The Eagles reimburse team employees who buy wind energy in their own homes up to $7.50 a month (PECO only lets you buy like $6 a month anyway) — something apparently not replicated by any other company in the country

- “Last summer, atop the Eagles' corporate headquarters, workers finished installing an array of solar panels that track the sun, producing 30 percent more power than a fixed system.”

- Tickets and programs are all printed on recycled paper — totaling more than 40 tons a year.

- The 100,000 or so clear plastic cups that fans go through every game? They’re actually not plastic but Greenware, a corn-based plastic, which takes 50% less petroleum to make than a regular plastic cup. “And instead of taking a few centuries to break down, the cups biodegrade in as little as 50 days.”

- Meanwhile, on the jumbotron, an Eagles player reminds fans to Go Green: " ‘Hey, this is William James,’ he said. ‘Carpool with your friends or take public transportation when you're headed to the game. And fill up your gas tank at night to reduce harmful vapor emissions. Be a playmaker, and Go Green.’ " Ok, William, we'll listen to you expound the virtues of going green. But, come on, that name change thing didn’t fool anyone.

- "For the plastic water and soda bottles, the Eagles place recycling containers every 46 feet throughout the concourse. Experts who study such matters have determined that a typical person, not finding an appropriate receptacle within 23 feet, will just drop an item." For the mathematically challenged among you, that means that fans in the concourse are never further than 23 feet from a recycling bin.

workers separate trash from plastic to be recycled at lincoln financial field in philadelphia- For the things that do get dropped, the post-game debris pick-up is now geared to recover every piece of recyclable waste. “Jerome Belo of Philadelphia has been working Philadelphia stadiums for 27 years. They used to put all the refuse in one bag. Now they work in pairs, the first guy picking up the recyclables.”

- And perhaps best of all:
"Last week, the players drove to the game. Next month, they will fly about 1,000 miles to take on the Minnesota Vikings and release a lot more carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

So they've been planting trees, which consume carbon dioxide, to offset it.

A Tufts University study has pooh-poohed the idea for individuals who pay some company they don't know to plant trees in a location they will never see. Will the trees even live?

But the Eagles have picked public spots right here. Donating $125,000 to Philadelphia's TreeVitalize program, they planted 332 oaks, cherries, plums, ginkgos and more around 25 Philadelphia public elementary schools - 16 of which had no trees. More were planted at newly renovated Franklin Square."

We are literally dumbfounded.

We had no idea. Who would have thought?

We totally forgot that local corporations could actually choose to do things like this — voluntarily.

It’s enough to make you want to go out and don some old Kelly green Eagles gear out of sheer pride. (Oh wait, we’re already doing that.)

Regardless, Eagles, you fucking rock.

Please let the letter-writing campaign for similar actions to be taken at Citizens Bank Park commence. (And go Phils! Fuck the Mets. And the Padres.)

And thank you Christina Weiss Lurie — you have reaffirmed our faith in for-profit America, not to mention an Eagles organization, with which we were rapidly becoming disillusioned.

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tsarstruck said...

Slate has an article up speculating on the environmental impact of football. Seems that all these greening efforts adds up to a big fat nothing compared to Philly's decision to buildt the Linc in a sea of parking spaces:

"Since a game's environmental impact has everything to do with transportation, though, it's tough to say which sport is the absolute greenest. Antiquated Fenway Park in Boston is arguably one of the most eco-friendly stadiums in the nation, because of the fact that parking is so scarce and most fans must take public transportation. That gives it a big leg-up on modern counterparts that claim to be green, whether by virtue of their solar-powered LED boards or their cup-and-bottle recycling programs."

-Brendan I. Koerner, "Which Spectator Sport Is Best for the Environment?"

Anonymous said...

The Greenware cups are made by Fabri-Kal in Michigan: