Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eating The Illadelph: the Truffled Egg Toast at Tria

the truffled egg toast at Tria in philadelphia[ Were going to try something new here with another semi-regular ETI feature but this time about menu items of particular note. First up — pure crack. ]

First sampled in the LES, truffled egg toast is at once luscious, elegant and simple. It’s an undeniably delicious snack that can be enjoyed in the morning, early afternoon or evening.

Thus, we were understandably pretty ecstatic the first time we saw the Truffled Egg Toast on Tria’s menu. And after having it a dozen or so times since, we have only confirmed our earlier suspicions — it’s fucking delicious.

If only Tria was open for Sunday brunch because the Truffled Egg Toast is pretty much the perfect brunch treat. But that's only a minor inconvenience as it certainly warrants ordering a little later in the day.

Which brings us to another thing about Tria on Sundays — their masterful take on Sunday School (the terrifying name aside.) Every week, they feature a different wine, cheese and beer, each at half off the regular price. You can't go wrong
it's a great way to try new beers and wines, and how can you not love cheese?

And now that Tria has just opened its second location in Wash-West, it’s time to take advantage.

So, to recap, the Truffled Egg Toast at Tria. Amazing. Sunday School at Tria. Similarly crunk. Tria’s new location at 12th and Spruce. Boom-city.

(This menu item has also inspired us to post our first MP3 link — it’s an oldie but a goodie.)

God Only Knows - The Beach Boys [ MP3 ]

Tria [ Official Site ]

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David McDuff said...

I can think of very few times that I've been to Tria and not anted up for an order of their truffled egg toast. Addictively good stuff....