Saturday, July 07, 2007

Philly Car Share Makeover Results in Sexiest Surface Parking Lot Ever

Philly Car ShareA few months ago, Philly Car Share took over the parking lot at 21st and Chestnut, reserving all 13 spaces exclusively for its fleet.

The results are undeniably sexy.

Controlling the entire lot, Philly Car Share decided to up the ante and call a little more antention to their operation. They painted the surface of the lot bright green and, in so doing, Philly Car Share took a terrible looking surface parking lot and turned it into something that makes the city look smart, progressive, environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Honestly, we’ll probably never be ok with surface parking lots sitting on valuable real estate in Center City but Philly Car Share’s lot (note: they don't own it
— they're just renting the spaces) at 21st and Chestnut is about as close to acceptable as you can get. (Incidentally, we’re also still waiting for Philly Car Share to get on building one of these awesome pez-dispenser like parking structures.)

Meanwhile, in a story that doesn’t get near the amount of attention, recognition and praise it deserves, Philly Car Share continues to add more and more cars to its fleet and more and more pod locations to city neighborhoods every week, making car-sharing extremely accessible for pretty much everyone in Philadelphia. And membership has grown exponentially.
[In 2005-2006, PhillyCarShare] innovated to become either first in the U.S. or first in the world to offer totally free memberships (September 2006), eligibility to all 18-year-olds (July 2006), child seats for urban families (February 2006), and a debit billing system that enabled even the lowest-income households to join (September 2005). [PhillyCarShare] also deployed the densest car-sharing network in North America (2006), with car-sharing pods on literally every block or two of Center City – closer to car owners than they could park their own vehicles on-street. Finally, PhillyCarShare also deployed the lowest-emission fleet of any large car-sharing system in North America, with 60% of its vehicles comprising hybrids.

The innovations paid off. In 2006, Philadelphia became the fastest-growing car-sharing city on the planet.
And the positive impact Philly Car Share has had on a) the environment of, b) the economy of, c) the personal utility of the residents of and d) the image of... the city of Philadelphia is, in a word, amazing. And potentially infinite.

Philly Car Share — you can be our wingman any time.

Philly Car Share [Official Site]
PhillyCarShare: An Innovative Environmental Movement (People’s Choice Winner) - Philadelphia Sustainability Awards [Official Site]

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Chris said...

Dude... I spent 5 years longing to move to Philly before I finally did (hooray!) and the top reasons were (1) The Gayborhood; (2) Lorenzo's; (3) Walking to work; and (4) Philly Car Share.

So far, not one of them has let me down. In fact, Philly Car Share has moved up the list, possibly past even Lorenzo's - though that opinion will likely change the next time I get a slice.