Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Cantina, you vampy little tease

Empanadas at Cantina Los CaballitosYou empty our pockets time after time and, yet, we love you for it. Go figure.

Cantina Los Caballitos turns one tonight and she’s celebrating with a little surprise party. The surprise? A one-hour open bar for all patrons at some point between 9pm and 1am — she’s just not sayin’ when. (Typical.)

So why not help her celebrate? Enjoy a warm spring evening on the Avenue and have some of Cantina's sweet-ass empanadas (above) while you’re at it.

An hour of margaritas on the house at Los Caballitos [Latest Dish]

[ Photo via PhilaDining at EGullet ]

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Anonymous said...

Even though my girlfriend usually has way too much to drink at Cantina and usually starts a fight with me after departing, I love this restaurant!