Monday, March 05, 2007

Philly Mag hires A.J. Daulerio, threatens relevancy

Ok, ok, so Philadelphia Magazine has actually been doing much better of late. But let’s not forget — it was not that long ago (four, maybe five years) that Philly Mag was only concerned with Philadelphia from a Main Line mother’s point of view. And it totally sucked. So it’s a very good thing that Philly Mag Editor-in-Chief Larry Platt has them skewing younger, more diverse and writing more about what actual Philadelphians care about Philadelphia.

Thus, consider the addition of A.J. Daulerio as another step in the right direction. We just hope Platt lets him do his thing and write about utter awesomeness like “smoky tornados.”

If you’re a reader of Deadspin, or were a reader of Oddjack or Black Table, then you probably know who A.J. Daulerio is. If you’re not, than you probably don’t.

It's likely that he’s most well known for his contributions to Deadspin. Every Friday he writes a Cultural Oddsmaker column for the site. But it was his correspondence from Super Bowl XLI last month (pictured above), which put him on Stuart Scott’s ass-kicking list, that raised his profile even further. A blogebrity if you will.

More importantly, he's funny. We sincerely hope Platt gives him free reign. We suspect they'll get along fine… Excerpted from an interview Platt gave Daulerio two years ago for Black Table:
BT: Whatever, dude. Without having that much of an editor's background -- I think you were quoted as being more of a writer's editor -- do you think that approach has been successful so far? And do you ever yell at anybody? Like, have you ever called a writer a "douche head" or "dead lady vagina breath"?

LP: I was never an editor. I never wanted to be an editor. I didn't like editors, because they fucked with my words. But I do think it helps to be a writer in this position. You can be more empathetic. No, I don't yell too much. We have a young writer here named Sasha Issenberg who is also kind of the magazine mascot. Since we're both Jewish, we've taken to calling each other, "My kike," as in, "You my kike" -- borrowing from the way African-Americans have appropriated the n-word and applied it to themselves as a term of affection. But Sasha really is a kike.

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