Monday, March 26, 2007

Eating The Illadelph: Tinto Says Hello Edition

Jose Garces inside Tinto[ Eating The Illadelph is a semi-regular, digest-like feature on noteworthy developments from the world of food in Philadelphia, typically combining remainders into a consumable whole, not so unlike Scrapple itself. ]

— Barely a week old and Tinto is already looking to expand. And for good reason. The new restaurant and bar, which has its stretch of 20th Street looking considerably sexier, is relatively small. With only 60-seats, Tinto needed to institute a reservation-only policy (that included the bar) in order to ensure it wasn’t overrun by the inevitable throngs clamoring for some of Chef Garces’ goodness. That’s one way to handle it; another would be to add more space. And that’s what Mr. Garces is reportedly doing… by trying to acquire the building immediately adjacent to Tinto to the south. Time to go big on Jose Garces indeed.

— The buzz from Midtown Village? That its new name (not to mention its
not-at-all-trying-too-hard logo) is still as lame puzzling as it was when it was first introducedand that Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney of Lolita, Grocery and Open House want to add an Indian restaurant to their repertoire. No word on whether it too would reside on South 13th Street. [Food and Wine, second item]

— Citizens Bank Park is making its concessions go trans-fat free (at least in their cooking oils) earlier than the City Council-imposed September deadline. So beginning on Opening Day this year, your crab fries will be fractionally less damaging to your health than previously. The line to obtain them, however, will remain as obnoxiously long and slow-moving as ever. [KYW 1060]

Balthazar in SoHo— A Balthazar in Philadelphia? Not quite, but the much-hyped New York eatery (above), which incidentally was just pillaged by the Times’ Frank Bruni, is reportedly serving as inspiration for Cary Neff (of Sansom Street Oyster House) as he tries to channel SoHo’s better qualities onto the corner of Fifth and Bainbridge in Queen Village. We’re glad to see a veteran take over a spot that has seen so much failure in recent incarnations, a fact that belies its potentially awesome location on East Passyunk Avenue, a block from both South Street and Bella Vista. True, the space sorely needs an overhaul, but as long as you treat the 'Shunk right (read lots of large, street-facing windows), the old girl will be sure to do well by you. [Table Talk]

— After the reception Scores received last year when it tried to open a club in Philadelphia, it's no wonder Penthouse wised up and realized it was going to need a work around. Instead of doing a "Penthouse Club," they’re doing a "Penthouse Lounge and Grill," which will be a massive luxe ultra lounge and supposedly will not feature naked exotic entertainers. Thus, it’s a good thing they still have such a prominent stage. [Foobooz]

Stay tuned for even more deliciousness invariably headed our way.

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