Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Breaking: Kyle Korver’s hair is not too gorgeous

Is Sunday Styles taking a few not-so-subtle shots at the NBA/its players for being intolerant, you know, stemming from the fallout over John Amaechi coming out last month?

We'll let you decide.
FORGET basketball. Michael Jordan gave the world of style so much, from the $175 sneaker to the concept that shorts need no longer be short. And nowhere has the legacy of his image lingered more stubbornly than in the shaven-head look he helped make ubiquitous in the National Basketball Association — and beyond.

Like Mr. Jordan himself, though, the look hung around just a little too long — nearly 20 years. But for the new generation of hoopsters, hair is back. These days, it’s increasingly rare to find an N.B.A. star under 30 whose scalp is shiny enough to reflect the scoreboard above.

Most younger players are opting at the very least for some hair, like the close-cropped Navy-ensign-style cut favored by rising superstars Dwayne Wade and LeBron James. And many have adopted more expressive manes like the mountain-man mop of the Supersonics’ Robert Swift, the prog-rock stoner tangle of the Bobcats’ Adam Morrison, or even the Mohawk sported by the Warriors’ Al Harrington when he was with the Pacers.

But perhaps no recent hairstyle says “adieu, M. Jordan” like the curious “Lord of the Rings”-meets-“Where the Boys Are” hairstyle worn of late by the Grizzlies’ Mike Miller, the Lakers’ Ronny Turiaf, the Sonics’ Mickael Gelabale, and the Bobcats’ Walter Herrmann.

With long flowing tresses pulled back pertly under a debutante-worthy headband, sometimes with a ponytail added for spice, it would look equally at home on Legolas battling the Orcs in Middle Earth or a convertible-load of Tri-Delts barreling toward Fort Lauderdale on spring break in 1960.
Good god man — you can’t compare NBA players to sorority girls or, worse even, Orlando Bloom. Have you no self-regard? Tim Hardaway will eat your family.
Paul Podlucky, a Manhattan hairstylist with celebrity and socialite clients, explained that "headbands are really big for women right now," but they do send a mixed message on a 6-foot-10 power forward.

"This just looks like an all-girl group from the '50s, like the Shirelles," he said of the hairstyle. "But there's also something white trash in there, like trailer-y. It's almost comical — and I'm a gay hairdresser."
Holy hell, Alex Williams
you’re apparent death wish notwithstanding, we like your pluck.

But wait. Did you just write an entire article about hair and the NBA and not mention Kyle Korver? Because that would qualify as bush-league. The man’s got a bobble head with actual faux hear. That pretty much makes him the Bobby Bigwheel of hair in the NBA.

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