Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Brady Ballot Trouble: We Can Only Hope

Brady NOT for MayorSo about this whole thing, you know, regarding the possibility of Bob Brady being disqualified as a mayoral candidate over a technicality… well, we’re going to have to go ahead and say Philebrity actually already nailed it in their post on Friday titled, “Milton’s Great Gift To Philadelphia: Getting Bob Brady Thrown Off The Ballot.”
We have been dreading very much the entire Brady candidacy; not as much for Brady's lack of forward-thinking policy or Duh Factor, but more because he's very much Old Philadelphia Machine, where the Machine just gets the Unions to lean on people to vote for whoever the Unions want in office. And if you know anything about this election, you know that it's about New Philadelphia, not Old Philadelphia. Old Philadelphia can get the gas face.

And sure, it kinda sucks to be thrown out of the race on a technicality. But it also must have kinda totally sucked for Jonathan Saidel — a smart, progressive candidate and a potentially awesome mayor — when Bob Brady and Vince Fumo forced him out of the race so Brady could be the only major white candidate in the upcoming Democratic primary.

Obviously that sucks because Philadelphia lost a good candidate in Saidel. But even more disturbing:
that two of the most powerful democratic politicians in Philadelphia would love to make this election — the 2007 Philadelphia Mayoral Election (read emphasis on the year not being 1957) — about race. (Not to mention the video…)

Unfortunately for them, this is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — not Philadelphia, Mississippi.

So Bob-o, we're not gonna lie — we won’t be shedding any tears for ya.

See ya. Bye.

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