Monday, February 12, 2007

Google Maps adds subway stops, Septa prepares to file suit

OK, so maybe the second part is a bit facetious, but knowing SEPTA it could easily be true. After all, SEPTA doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to embracing smart, progressive ideas.

For example, SEPTA — the public transit authority for the fifth largest city in the United States, mind you — initially opposed Philly Car Share because they didn’t understand how carsharing could possibly benefit transit rider-ship, despite all evidence to the contrary.
[Members of] car sharing programs report a 47% increase in public transit trips, a 10% increase in bicycling trips and a 26% increase in walking trips. Members are more likely to take advantage of all methods of transportations, [using] cars only when they need to, and often walk of bike more, resulting in healthier residents. []
We’re dead serious by the way — four years ago, SEPTA, with their classic we-can’t-try-anything-new attitude (which comes from the very top), told Philly Car Share they (SEPTA) viewed them (Philly Car Share) as “competition.”
At a recent Young Involved Philadelphia forum on transit, an excited audience of students and young professionals explained to SEPTA General Manager Faye Moor that there is much SEPTA could do to improve service for them, getting their fare money in the process. But Moore frowned and shot down the ideas one-by-one. Moore spent the entire evening talking about what was not possible.
So forgive us if we’re a tad cynical — SEPTA Management has earned it.

We will, however, give SEPTA credit when they deserve it… and they deserve it for their new SEPTA Pass Perks campaign. SEPTA has always had trouble thinking out of the box so it’s refreshing to stumble across a coaster at your local bar reading:

Perks that beat our no-$18/hour parking-garage perk.

See. That wasn’t so hard. We only wish SEPTA would do a little more shit-talking. Eventually, drivers might listen.

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jordon said...

yeah, this is pretty great. they did this for regional rail stops too, which is even more helpful, because at least tourist maps of philadelphia tend to have center city stops clearly marked. no such luck for the suburban stops, until now.

Chris said...

this is pretty awesome

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