Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Surmising the secret location of WOW, Neil Stein’s prospective boutique hotel

Neil SteinNeil Stein got out of the clink on Saturday. And he wasted no time before starting to press the flesh about the boutique hotel he wants to build in Philadelphia, which we first mentioned this summer.

He’s keeping the potential location a secret. But lets see if we can’t decipher a guess from the clues he’s left.

Originally, his investors were “scouting locations in Old City, Center City, or around Penn's campus.”

And since he’s been on the outside?
“After he took a shower and got into a pair of jeans and a sweater [at his loft in Old City], he walked to his lawyer's office, stopping along the way to take a look at a suggested site (he didn't disclose it) for that boutique hotel — for which he has written a 300-page prospectus.”
Ok, his lawyer, one Nino Tinari, works out of 123 S. Broad.

That means the location must be somewhere between Old City and Broad Street. Which is cool, we guess. The Gayborhood/B3 area along Walnut and Chestnut is filled with amazing, 19th-century buildings that would be sick candidates for boutique hotel conversions. And Old City… well, lets just hope it’s in the Gayborhood.

Good luck Steins — now all you need to do is ditch the codename. Or maybe not…

We can't say his other proposition — introducing more Rouges to the world — is as appealing. It seems more cruel than anything else. Don’t get us wrong, Rouge has an amazing setting and makes a fairly decent, if overpriced burger — it’s just that its regulars can strike us as… a bit soulless.
[Stein] described Rouge as a place that tried to give people more than a great meal. "Whether it's the people you see, whether it's young ladies sitting there without underwear on, or with underwear on, or whether it's the music or whether it's the ambiance, it's a combination of all things," Stein said.
Wow, Steins. Wow, indeed.

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