Monday, January 22, 2007

Stephen A. faces the facts, agrees that Ed Snider is one of the worst Philadelphians in decades

Not much needed in the way of intro from us here — Stephen A. pretty much covers it all.

We will say this: even Stephen A.'s biggest critics can't argue with the man on this one.
Considering the fact that the Flyers are horrible, the 76ers are embarrassing, and everyone associated with them is not much better, we've gone far past the time to call for the proverbial heads of general managers or coaches.

It's time to address the chairman of this mess, Mr. Ed Snider.
Is Snider even equipped to preside over these franchises any longer? […] Since Bob Clarke and Larry Brown were allowed back with these teams - after quitting on the chairman - is it fair to question whether Snider already has walked away and just forgotten to tell anybody?
The worst team in one pro sport and the second-worst in another reside in Philadelphia, and the common denominator is Ed "We're-gonna-trade-him" Snider.

So an inquisition is necessary.
It goes on but you get the gist.

And there’s no need to rehash what has already been said but, for the record, Ed Snider has definitely had his chances. He should have stepped aside and given his post to Pat Croce after the 2001 season. (The Sixers and AI would be two championships deep by now if he had.)

More recently, he could have freed us from his ignoble reign by selling the Sixers. But, alas, he did not and our Sixers were lost for good.

So, Ed, don’t expect much sympathy from us. Or from anyone for that matter.

But good luck with your whole Foxwoods investment — sounds like you have the residents of South Philadelphia’s neighborhoods securely in your corner.


Stephen A. to Ed Snider: It's almost as if you have no business training at all… [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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