Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Name that brothel hotel

Room Service IndeedBlind items are alright with us. Granted, this one’s a little old (from a Dan Gross column almost two months ago), but it's still worth relating.
One of Center City's brand-name hotels is said to be having prostitution problems. The hotel doesn't seem to mind playing host to an upscale call girl ring, but some guests have complained about the noises coming from the rooms of the floozies-for-hire.

In Oct. 2002, we reported that the same hotel was dealing with another prostitution problem. That time it was hotel staffers taking money for performing some extra special guest services.
If we had to guess, we’d go with the “Inn” that claims Philadelphia has a “Midtown.” For no other reason than it’s location, really.

UPDATE: An astute commenter points out that this is allegedly "an upscale call girl ring" which we had missed previously. So we were way off. Now we're inclined to agree that it could be the one with the Roman-looking lobby.

Toss your best guesses in the comments. Or if anyone has more than unsubstantiated conjecture, that’s welcome too.

Ain’t so much wrong with a little house of the rising son style room service [Daily News]


Evan said...

i'm going with the Ritz, hookers love upscale.

Ruby Legs said...

Ummm, well there's always the Best Western on the Parkway. But I wouldn't consider what goes on in there to be "high-end."

Anonymous said...

The Four Seasons has been the venue of choice for the high-class call girl for ages....perhaps?