Friday, December 22, 2006

Name a bar, help infuse G-Ho with more awesome

yellow barFoobooz brings word that the long rumored contest to name the bar coming to Gray’s Ferry Avenue at Catherine Street is actually happening.

You can now enter said contest online. It’s your chance to add to G-Ho’s ever-expanding allure.

A little background: the aspiring bar [above] is adjacent to the old Naval Asylum (which is now being converted to a gated condo community, Naval Square, by Toll Brothers) and just off St. Alban’s Street, where “Cole” lived in M. Night’s The Sixth Sense.

sixth senseSo go ahead, get creative. The Halley Joel Bar. The Mischa Barton Bar. Or, simply, Mischa Bar. Dead People. The Devil’s Booty. The Devil’s Ho. Carpetbagger’s. Sickbay. Asylum. Shit... hopefully, you can do much better.

Do us a favor: enter online but also leave your ideas in the comments — we'll help you campaign.

And, sure, naming the bar is fun and all but what we’re really looking forward to is that there is going to be a new spot to keep Grace and Sidecar company.

Because if those two bars are any indication, look for the yet-to-be-named Yellow Bar to make G-Ho proud.

Name the Yellow Bar [Official Site via Foobooz]
G-Ho in the house [Philly Skyline]

[ Photo via Flickr user lb_philly ]

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I see drunk people.