Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Health vs. taste, and the many zero virtues of trans fats

5, um, maybe more like zero foood groupsThe veritable think tank that is WPVI asks:
Starting next summer all restaurants in New York City will have to stop frying food in oils that contains unhealthy trans fat. By the following summer ALL foods in all restaurants must be trans fat free. What if the same ban were imposed in Philadelphia?
Well, our fitness czar would probably dig it.

But is this on the Philadelphia Board of Health’s radar? Action News checked and the Board’s response: no — on account of most of their resources being used to deal with the smoking ban.

Ah, Philadelphia — a solid three-and-a-half years behind New York (bureaucratically speaking) and positively glowing.

Would a transfat ban work in Philly? We don’t know — would a vodka ban work in Moscow? [6ABC]
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