Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fire Maurice Cheeks?

We feel bad because obviously the players are devastated that the dead-end ownership decided not to sell the team. And, clearly, it's affecting their play.

So we're not sure how accountable to hold Maurice. But we fear the answer is getting precariously close to "very."

Meanwhile, as Philebrity pointed out, the team's new marketing efforts are not exactly — how do you say — inspired.

Oh dear. Um, we'll take a
whiskey on the side.

Better make it a double.

We're not actually sure that the Sixers qualify as a basketball team right now, professional or CYO for that matter [Philadelphia Daily News]
Watch the Sixers kick the Wizards' asses on Friday night and catch a live halftime performance of Chicken Noodle Soup — proud as peacock baby []

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