Monday, November 13, 2006

Ed Snider makes us cry

On Saturday, like seemingly everyone in Philadelphia, we were out enjoying an unbelievably warm November afternoon in Center City, when suddenly everything changed.

Our heart literally sank when we saw Ed Snider’s mug and the accompanying headline staring up at us from the cover of Saturday’s Daily News.

What was going to be a great change for the Sixers and Philadelphia was no longer happening.
Months after enlisting the expertise of Galiatoto Sports Partners in New York to review, evaluate and sift through the qualifications and resources of a flurry of suitors, Snider said "No sale." Just like that, the team was off the market.
"The 76ers were a prize acquisition for anyone," he said. "The team could have been sold at a record price. We just decided we wanted to keep it."
Snider said he also wanted to dispel any perception that he didn't care about the Sixers, either because of lack of interest or because he was founded the Flyers and that his expertise was in hockey.

"Not true," he said. "I talk to [King] every day. We're hoping the fans will stay and support us and believe in what we're doing. I'd love to win a championship. I really enjoy the games. I don't think we're boring anybody."
You thought wrong, Ed. Please, please reconsider.

Comcast-Spectacor realizes it enjoys torturing Philadelphia fans, decides not to sell Sixers [Daily News]

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Anonymous said...

Yeah...because they've been so unsuccessful over the years compared to such powerhouse teams across the country..