Friday, November 03, 2006

City Council finds secret stash; Harrisburg bond company stooges say no to celebratory kegger

Apparently, economic growth does in fact lead to an increased tax base — as evidenced by the $255 million budget surplus the city of Philadelphia is now staring at… more than $50 million greater than previously estimated a few months ago.

Naturally, City Council members are jockeying for the spotlight, offering various ways to “appropriate” the cash.

Marian Tasco wants to give additional funds to the chronically under funded Police and Fire Departments. Well, shit, we can’t really argue with that.

Darrell Clarke thinks the School District and their $75 million deficit should come first. Uh, again — and we’re as surprised as you are on this — we’re going to have to say we agree… he’s absolutely right.

So what’s up? Council run out of crazy pills or something?

Actually, no. Apparently, they’re all just pipe dreams. A state agency is actually charged with overseeing the city’s finances and said agency wants to use the surplus to, wait for it, “reduce the city’s unfunded pension liability.”

For fuck’s sake. We finally get a few council members to put forth actual substantive proposals and now we have to deal with bureaucratic pencil pushers from Harrisburg??


Hey Harrisburg, that’s sweet of you to offer and all, and we’re flattered, honest, but the thing is, you’re ass is huge [KYW1060]

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