Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Breaking: Stephen Starr’s hotel dreams resurface

Stephen Starr talks hotelsRemember Stephen’s plans for bringing an awesome hotel to Philadelphia? We certainly do.

As for Stephen, maybe not so much:
What’s next for you in New York?

We’d like to do one of the Philly restaurants here, Jones or Continental. I’m also thinking of opening a small hotel in New York. I used to just want to do it in Philadelphia, but the more I’m here the more I feel confident I could do one here.
Um, first of all, you already did not one, but two of "the Philly restaurants" there. Duh. Second of all, WHAT THE FUCK? Don’t you even try to pull that shit with us, Stephen. We had a deal. You could go off to New York and do your whole wow-i’m-a-rich-and-famous-restaurateur-weee thing… and we’d be cool
as long as you came back to Philadelphia and built us a goddamn boutique hotel like you said you would.

So we’re going to go ahead and chalk that quote up to you doing a little bit of good-natured flirting with the New York media. And, that, at the end of the day, you do realize who butters your bread. But don’t think, even for a second, that we’re going to let you renege on your half of the bargain.

You need to open a boutique hotel in Philadelphia. And you need to do it soon.

Don’t worry about the W — that shit is corporatized. Oh, and Aloft? Please. Like anyone is going to stay there.

Philadelphia wants a fucking original. An independent. Be the man. Think the James, but even a little more urban. You’ll own the market.

We totally have the locale too: it’s in the Wash-West/Gayborhood neck o’ the woods or, sigh, Midtown Village. (You’re honestly telling us that no one could come up with anything better than “Midtown Village?” Unfuckingbelievable.) So much awesome, vibrant foot traffic already, your hotel will just make it hotter.

Seriously, the locale is sick. It’ll totally kill. (Way better than the cabana-topped Penn Postal Land one you’re cooking up.)

But you gotta move on it. 2007 is, like, here already.

Stephen Starr admits there’s something in Philadelphia’s water [New York Magazine]

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