Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Philly Mag asks… Which do you prefer: pretentious yuppies or (photoshopped) yuppie pretensions?

Having opted to use two different covers for their October “Best Places to Live” issue, Philadelphia Magazine now wants to know which one is better. We assume it's actually a thinly veiled attempt to see how much of their content should be focused on the city versus the Main Line. After all, P-Mag wouldn't bother with anything as tedious as a subscriber survey. Anyway...
Pick Your Favorite "Best Places to Live" Cover! We couldn't decide which of this month's Best Places to Live we should show — city or suburb — so we printed both. We'd love to know which one you prefer — and to hear what you think of both of them.
Fun, right?

But wait. The city shot isn’t even real.
The suburban cover was shot at a suitably suburban house in Lower Merion, with a couple and a dog. The mag, alas, couldn't get the city look down. The photo was shot inside a Northern Liberties loft, and a skyline from another NoLibs location was superimposed, a mag rep says.
Son of a bitch. We were just about to call Jill Rizen.

P-Mag: we were going to give the couple a kid, but, in the end, we felt it slanted a little too much toward no-fucking-way-is-this-believable-even-for-our-valium-loving-readers, so we went with a dog instead... and got the exact same effect [Philly Mag]
Center City way too far from Northern Liberties for the needs of Platt and Co. [Inky, last item]


sarah said...

we got the city version. i could tell it was photoshopped. i love that the mag only caters to the wealthy these days.

Anonymous said...

When didn't it?