Monday, October 16, 2006

Pat Croce gets what every disgruntled former employee wants: a chance to give the old boss a proverbial kick in the nuts

We’ve never forgiven Ed Snider (nor should we have) for refusing to put his ego aside and give Pat Croce the promotion he deserved (CEO) after the Sixers 2001 season. Not only would the past five years have been dramatically different (read dramatically better) for the Sixers, but also Comcast-Spectacor wouldn’t be the pathetic excuse for an NBA ownership that they are today.

And God bless him, sometimes Stephen A. just nails it.

Croce to Samuel L.: Enough is enough. I've had it with these motherfucking morons on this motherfucking court.Over the last few years, due to mounting evidence of their flagrant and disturbing shortcomings, it's clear a couple of Philadelphia teams - the Phillies and 76ers - are in desperate need of a few things.

Victories would be first on the list. Charisma a close second. And, goodness only knows, an astute public relations department wouldn't hurt anybody.

There was a time every franchise in this city knew this. A time when Pat Croce was sprinting around, resembling a motivational speaker on speed transforming a city long infamous for its cynicism into a sports town publicized for its euphoria.

It's five years later now. Years removed from the days of Allen Iverson sitting on coach Larry Brown's lap after capturing league-MVP honors, from the Sixers being allowed to sniff the NBA Finals - and the Phillies being everything but a playoff team - and the thing that appears clearer than ever is how much this city needs Pat Croce back in the mix.
If Comcast-Spectacor, indeed, is trying to sell, the prospective buyers should include Pat Croce. If David Montgomery and any of the managing partners are willing to sell a portion of the Phillies, a boycott should be imposed if Croce is not allowed to be a prospective buyer.
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Seriously. Why Pat Croce isn’t getting five of his closest friends together (Samuel L. would work...), rounding up $450 mill, and buying the Sixers is fucking beyond us. Hell, we’ve suggested it before. It’s totally within the realm of what needs to happen.

Croce should give TrumpStreet a rest and focus his efforts on something that doesn’t suck.
As hard as it is to imagine, the Sixers have actually been worse public relations-wise than they've been on the court.

Despite having a mercurial box-office attraction like Iverson, they still reportedly dipped approximately seven percent in attendance. The team hasn't been that entertaining since Brown departed, despite having four coaches since he left.

Victories have waned, evidenced by two trips to the lottery in the last three seasons. The dancers aren't even the same. Neither are the in-game theatrics, supposedly placed before us for entertainment purposes.
Word. At least the Phillies and their old-white-man brain trust management tries to make attending games fun, introducing two new promotions this season — College Nights and Rooftop Thursdays — aimed at drawing younger, more enthusiastic fans to games. Combine them with Dollar Dog Days and you have some solid deals making the Phillies a lot more accessible.

Comcast-Spectacor and the Sixers front office, on the other hand, are still utterly clueless. Just take a look at the stellar lineup of promotions they’ve planned for the upcoming 2006-07 season.

Pat Croce buying the Sixers could not happen soon enough.

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