Friday, October 20, 2006

Page Six (abashedly) appropriates Philadelphia’s one-time obsession with Stephen Starr

Page Six hearts Stephen StarrSo the other day Page Six ran an item about Stephen Starr and how Zagat named him New York’s Restaurateur of the Year… and how he’s already aiming to open two more restaurants in Manhattan — this in addition to outlets in Las Vegas, London and just about anywhere else where moneyed people recreate and blah, blah, blah.

The funny part, however, is that in the item, Page Six claims Philly media were all over the news of Starr’s most recent recognition, while New York papers were hardly impressed.
THE Zagat Survey named Philadelphian Stephen Starr as New York City's restaurateur of the year in its new 2007 guide. While the story ran big in the City of Brotherly Love, the local press passed on giving it any ink.
Uh, we guess… if by “ran big” they meant got a single mention in a “newsmakers” sidebar column that’s buried on C2 of the Inquirer and which no one really reads. Seriously, see all the “City of Brotherly Love” coverage for yourself. Crazy, right?

Michael Klein — who reports all things Starr — nothing. Not in Inqlings or Table Talk. Dan Gross… similarly silent. Hell, we even saw it and knew it didn't warrant passing on. And you know we have a bit of a hard on for Stephen.

So, Page Six, what gives? Still pissed about that sixth borough thing? Do you have to justify the fact that it’s a slow news day and you’re printing something that's not really news… by pretending that it’s important to some people somewhere?

Kinda lame. But we can’t say we’re exactly surprised.

Nice work. Solid reporting.

We mean, sure, from time to time you have to take certain liberties with the truth… but this isn't even gossip — they’re just making shit up [NY Post]

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