Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mr. Fumo, meet Mr. Pot… and his good friend Mr. Kettle

Vince Fumo likes to have his cake and eat it tooLate last week, news came that Vinnie Fumo dropped his opposition to local zoning control of the casinos to be built in Philadelphia. [emphasis added]
In his statement confirming his change of mind Fumo said, "Residents of neighborhoods that are near the potential casino sites have raised some very legitimate concerns about the impact on their communities. I also had legitimate concerns about how local zoning ordinances might be used unfairly to place unnecessary obstructions in the way of casinos.

"But because of the strong community opposition, I am willing to try local control. I will be watching very closely and will ask the legislature to revisit the issue, however, if local zoning procedures become simply a tool for delaying or preventing the building of casinos."

The press release said Fumo continues to believe casinos should be opened as quickly as possible after their approval. NIMBY neighbors, the release declared, should not be able to use zoning regulations to slow down or stop the process.
Because Vince Fumo wouldn’t know anything about unfairly using the inconsistencies of local zoning ordinances to slow down or stop developments he didn’t favor.

Oh wait. He, like, totally would. Flashback to March 2006 and Vinnie’s reaction to the Barnes Tower to be built on the Parkway: [emphasis added]
"This is not a fait accompli despite what they [developers Daniel Katz and Dalia Shuster] say," said State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo, the influential Philadelphia Democrat who lives just blocks from the proposed "Barnes Tower."

Fumo reminded the crowd of about 500 people at Highway Tabernacle Church at 18th and Spring Garden Streets that "they were going to build a baseball stadium in this neighborhood. ... There's no stadium at Broad and Spring Garden. This community has enough funds to litigate this for the next 20 years."
Wow. We’d call him a hypocrite but we’re not sure that would really do him justice.

Let’s recap. According to Vince:

A. Residents who are worried about the prospect of sprawling, urbanity-killing crapsinos being nothing more than glorified slot-barns = NIMBYs.

B. Vince Fumo stubbornly opposing an excellent residential development because he thinks it’s too tall = totally legitimate… enlightened even.

Where we wouldn't follow this man, we cannot say.

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