Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Holy crap, the Internets are coming…

And this time, the tubes are invisible.

Over the next few weeks, Earthlink and Wireless Philly will be launching the much-discussed WiFi service across some 12 neighborhoods in Northeast Philadelphia. Northern Liberties, Fishtown and Port Richmond — you all score. Nicetown, G-town and Frankford — not so much.

And Earthlink is already selling the service online.

Granted, you might have to hold your computer out the window to pick up a signal, but hell, that still beats having the Comcast technician pass out on your couch, right?

Speaking of Comcast, is it just us or have they been surprisingly quiet about the whole thing recently? Didn’t they used to be, like, pretty vocal about their opposition to the whole thing? (Oh right, we remember… unlike a certain progressive, wildly successful media/technology company based in Mountain View, CA, who embraced the idea and helped their hometown be at the forefront of a global trend — Comcast reacted to the idea with astonishing close-mindedness.)

Maybe it’s because they’re busy with their smear campaign against cable competition in Pennsylvania with commercials claiming “Verizon only wants to provide cable to rich people.” Or maybe it’s because they’re secretly planning to use their new Comcast Center as a giant wireless router for the whole city.

Whatever the reason, they’re surely up to something.

A whopping 11% of the 135 square miles to be covered by WiFi… might be soon [KYW]
Earthlink wants you, Philadelphia


Social Anniemal said...

I live in Northern Liberties and put my address into the Earthlink page - no dice.

Anonymous said...

The Earthlink signal that I have been picking up on my wifi in No Libs wants to charge ridiculous amounts by the hour day or week. It would be be cheaper to go with comcast. Or, even better, stick with varying use of the 4 other signals that I pick up for free in my home.