Thursday, October 05, 2006

Google Transit to solve PA public transit woes

A year back, Google introduced their transit trip planner, using Portland, OR as their guinea pig.
The project, available at, allows a user to quickly and easily find what bus to catch, where to catch it and how long it will take to reach the destination.
The Web site for Portland even tells users how long the walk to the bus stop is, how much the trip will cost and what the savings is as opposed to driving.
Well, last week Google added five more cities to Google Transit and get this — good old Pennsylvania got in on the action.
This morning, Pittsburgh becomes one of six cities making public transportation schedules -- and how best to use them -- available in a venture launched by Google, the online search engine.

Google has had a pilot program in place for Portland, Ore., since early this year. That experiment caught the eye of travelers and Internet users, as well as officials working for public transportation agencies across the country.

"We got lots of e-mails from users saying, 'This is awesome, I love it, I can't wait till you have it in my city,'" Mr. Garg said. "We also got a lot of e-mails from transit agencies saying 'How can we be involved?'

"One of those agencies was the Port Authority of Pittsburgh."
We can guess which agency Google DIDN'T get an email from. (Hint: it begins with a “SEP” and ends with a “TA.”)

And why would they have? Definitely wouldn’t want to do anything that might actually increase ridership.

Does this mean Rendell is only going to give dedicated funding to the transit agency without shit for brains? [Post-Gazette]

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