Monday, October 23, 2006

Breaking: Sixers to employ new and improved “Big Willie Style” offense

Will Smith wants to buy the SixersThe rumors are true. Comcast-Spectacor, it turns out, is fairly deep in the process of selling the 76ers. The Inquirer reports that eight groups submitted initial bids to be considered for purchase of the team, which are estimated to approach $450 million.
Despite the enormous price, there is still a belief that the 76ers can become a profitable enterprise, given Philadelphia's size as a media market and the team's history.
And, of course, factoring in that the team will no longer be owned/managed by a bunch of incompetent fucking morons.

Meanwhile, four of the initial bids have been eliminated, leaving four finalists.

And one of the four remaining groups reportedly includes Dr. J and Will Smith.

Awesome. Now they just have to make sure that Howard Eskin is only allowed to be an investor is if he agrees to be a silent partner. And we mean “silent” in every possible sense of the word.

Will Smith is chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and shooting some b-ball (with the Sixers) outside of school [Inky]
Pat Croce gets what every disgruntled former employee wants: a chance to give the old boss a proverbial kick in the nuts

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Chris said...

Wasn't Smith courtside at the Lakers? Fuck him