Friday, September 29, 2006

The Ritz Carlton wants some hipster too

First it was the Bellevue. Out was Founders. Gone was the Library Lounge. In was Nineteen, a new restaurant/bar/café/lounge/roller-disco.

Then, mere weeks ago, Le Bec Fin relayed the news that it was ditching the menus printed in French and the snooty waiters — among other things — and adding a $90 tasting menu (down from $138, duh) with hopes of drawing a younger, more attractive, less dead-looking clientele.

Now comes word from our man on the inside that none other than the revered Ritz Carlton is getting in on the act. You heard us right — the Ritz fucking Carlton is axing its stalwart restaurant, the Grill. Why? Apparently, too stuffy. Even for the influx of empty nesters that are, if you believe the news, buying any and every Center City condo they can get their mitts on.

Supposedly, the Ritz wants their restaurant to more closely emulate the vitality and buzz that occupies their Rotunda lounge. (Sounds promising, we know.)

What’s next? PBR pounders at the Fountain?

Pour. It. On.

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