Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Philly Cops respond to rising murder rate, vow to show Old City ‘what Rodney King is all about’

Philebrity has a fairly disturbing video.

Looks like a certain officer forgot to take his Ritalin one night this weekend, which resulted in him taunting the crowd during an arrest, seemingly attempting to pick-a-fight/start-a-riot.

The most unsettling part of it all: none of the other ten+ cops that eventually come to the scene tell this greenhorned douche to cool the fuck down and/or shut the fuck up.

Caught on Cameraphone: Cops Issue 2AM Beat-Down on Old City Clubgoers [Philebrity]

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Anonymous said...

Did I just watch the same video you watched? He clearly resisted arrest. Watch him shove the one cop. He got what he deserved.