Monday, September 25, 2006

Phillies win, maintain wild card lead; Cole Hamels walks the plank

On Sunday, the Phillies completed a sweep of the Florida Marlins and in so doing remained a half game ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers for the National League wild card.

In the sixth inning, Ryan Howard hit a fly ball that missed being his 59th homerun by 12 inches.

Monday night is the last home game of the season. We’ll be there. You should be too. And, sure, Burrell sucks right now, but as The 700 Level points out, booing him every time he steps up to bat is just stupid. Show some spirit.

In other Phillies news, that giant shattering sound you heard Sunday afternoon was the hearts of thousands of female Phillies fans breaking when they learnt that stud (muffin) rookie Cole Hamels had taken himself off the market.

The 22-year old southpaw recently popped the question and is now engaged to Heidi Stroebel, she of Survivor: Amazon Playboy fame. Aw, congrats. (Stroebel, 27, is a student at Drexel.)

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