Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Phillies are one game out of the Wild Card; get your ass down to Citizens Bank Park already

Kids. It's time to loosen up.

The Phils are just a game back of the wild card. This is fucking big time now. There’s less than two weeks left in the season.

Stop crying about the Eagles and their gasbag head coach and start rooting for the team that you can actually help.

The Phillies have documented trouble at CBP. In fact, they’re the only team in the league to have a winning record overall and be sub-500 at home.

Over the next six days, we can change all that. We have five chances to rock it South Philly style and help the Phils erase the gap. (The last five chances you’ll have to see them at home in the 2006 regular season.)

Last night, barely 30,000 made it to the game. Surely, now that it’s hump day, we can do better than that.

The Phils are even offering a $7 discount to make two of the five games easier on the wallet: Friday against the Marlins and the last home game of the season Monday against the Astros. Both are College Nights.

So get there early and grab a good spot in Ashburn Alley… you might just get a beat on Ryan Howard’s 60-something-th donger of the season.

Because, call us crazy if you must, but October baseball with the Phillies is an idea we kinda dig.

Philadelphia fans have mind-fucked the Phillies worse than usual this year [Inky]
It's cool, because they're are still five home games left, two of which are going to be overrun by drunk, half-horny, half-belligerent, underage coeds []

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