Saturday, September 09, 2006

National survey confirms: Eagles fans are extremely stubborn, annoying, loyal, the online media division of the nation's largest publisher of metropolitan business newspapers including the Philadelphia Business Journal, just released the findings of their national study to determine the NFL’s best fans.
Not the ones who turn out in strong numbers for a winning team, but the ones who stay loyal even if their team is losing, the weather is frightful or their local market is small.
And, apparently, they were fairly scientific about it:
Each NFL team's performance was analyzed in seven categories for the period of 1996-2005, including average attendance, percentage of seats filled, fluctuation in attendance between good and bad seasons, on-field record, market population, local income levels and weather.

The study analyzed each team in two ways -- first for its level of fan support and then for the difficulty it poses to long-term supporters.
We all know Iggles fans are a passionate bunch. So how’d they fare in the study?

(No New York team? How sad. PSYCHE.)

While we admittedly can not stand hearing "E - A - G - L - E - S" chants at Phillies games with Wild Card implications during the months of August and September (when the Phillies are clearly the team in need of fans' support), it is without question that Eagles fans are Philadelphia’s best in-stadium fans. Phillies and Sixers fans could learn a lot from their dedication to noise-making.

It’s good to see a reputable national news source recognize as much.

As for the Business Journal’s description of said fans… cute:
Pick your adjective. Philadelphia fans can be loud, hostile and abusive. (You've heard the story about them booing Santa Claus.) But they're also incredibly loyal, hitting 99.8 percent of capacity since 1996, a figure topped only by Houston, where the team is much newer and the climate much warmer. [slideshow]
Eagles fans may be staggeringly obnoxious, but that’s just because they’re unwaveringly loyal. [Bizjournals]

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