Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mayor Street’s propensity to lie exaggerate out there for all to see

Mayor Street either thinks we’re all idiots, or, conversely, he’s a giant one himself. Speaking at the Rocky statue dedication on Friday, he said:
"This will be a huge attraction for the city of Philadelphia. One that will bring jobs, economic development, and will be a huge impact on the city."
Whoa there, Johnny. It’s a fricking statue. One that has been around (in front of the Spectrum) for more than twenty years already.

Sure, the move is a plus for tourists who can now run the steps and pose next to the statue at once, and, yes, there could potentially be some related trickle-down spending, but let’s not go overboard here.

Why pretend that moving a statue a mile and a half is going to bring a windfall of economic prosperity to the city?

When you say outlandish shit like that, you make everyone sane who said the move was ok look as stupid and as misguided as you.

Mayor Street, others line up to give "Rocky" a tug job [Inky]


Anonymous said...

Where's Joe Frazier's statue ?

Anonymous said...

i'm from england u.k and i think the mayor is right I will now be visiting philly now that the statue is near to where it belongs and i'm sure countless others will. bringing money into your city.