Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mayor Street tries to reach levels of incompetence never before attempted by a local elected official

Today could be the day Mayor Street fulfills his destiny and becomes the most tragically useless public servant this side of Washington, D.C.

Yes, today is the day he decides whether or not to sign the smoking ban. (We're guessing his plan is to flip a coin around 8 a.m.)

But it’s cool — this will free up his incredibly strenuous schedule a bit. Which is great, because, from here on out, he can focus on other priorities, like:
But there’s good news: sometime circa November 2007, there’s a chance the city might be partially covered by wireless Internet.

(Ed. Note - Dear Mayor Street: Please sign the ban so we can stop being so critical of you. Pleeease. It's keeping us up at night.)

UPDATE: Praise Jesus. He signed it. Please diregard above negativity.

Provincialism? Here? No way Philadelphia’s City Hall has any of that… [Imky]

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