Monday, September 11, 2006

Best. Commercial. Ever.

There’s been a lot of Rocky talk in the news recently, which is fine. It actually got us thinking about our favorite all-time Rocky homage.

We’ve been looking for it for years and Youtube finally came through. It debuted three years ago this October and we can’t think of a more appropriate time to put it back into rotation.

(What with Billy King realizing what a horrific idea trading him would have been, and the possibility that Ed Snider and the rest of the trainwreck ownership at Comcast-Spectacor might sell the team to some fresh blood… things are starting to look up for the Answer in 2006.)

Oh yeah — it’s probably the best commercial Philadelphia has ever had.

Chills everytime.

The Sixers are for sale and they’re worth every cent; someone please pull the trigger. Please. [Daily News]
Mayor Street’s propensity to lie exaggerate out there for all to see
Meet Billy King — dream-crusher and soul-taker extraordinaire
This is supposed to make you want to vomit

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Freudian Slip said...

Yeah! I got chills reading your post too dude. Long live Rocky!