Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ryan Howard peaces-out ball number 47

Turns out our conservative estimate of 45 was just that.

Yesterday, Ryan Howard hit his 47th homerun of the year (his third straight game with a donger), tying him for the Major League lead with Boston’s David Ortiz.

More importantly, Howard is just one homerun short of tying the Phillies all-time franchise record for homeruns in a season — a record held by Michael Jack Schmidt.

32 games remain. So it’s fair to say that Schmidt’s team record (notched in 1980, the year he won the MVP and the year the Phils won their one and only World Series) is in Howard’s sights.

Here’s to you, Ryan Howard. You’re a class act... and really fucking good. And you make being a Phillies fan a whle lot more bearable. (Plus, you go to Pat’s at 2:30 on a Friday night, mere hours after pulling out an awesome, 14-inning win. And you don't cut the line, but rather wait in it with the rest of us underachievers — that’s just quality karma. Next time, your cheeser is on us.)

Kill the record. And then set a new one next year.

And another one the year after that.

And Mr. Gillick, as the fine folks at Philly Skyline have been telling you for weeks, please get off your ass and pay the man. (Chase too.)

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