Monday, August 28, 2006

Inky Image section finally publishes article that doesn’t make us entirely embarrassed we read it

Yea, so the Image section in the Sunday Inquirer is kind of laughable. Scratch the “kind of." You can’t even call it a poor-man’s Sunday Styles section — it’s just too bad to compare, really. (This looks even worse when you realize that Image, when it came about two years ago, basically tried to copy Styles… and couldn’t even do that.)

Sure, it has Laban’s reviews, which are worth reading. (And Rick's stuff... when he's not on vacay.) But that’s it. Every other article will hurt your eyes, whether it’s about women over 40 doing something that’s completely not novel, or some idiotic trend that 12-year olds tired of, like, three months ago. (Note: there have been a few rare exceptions that we’ve seen this year.)

Last Sunday, they actually printed an article that was on the right track. The right track, you ask? It was about someone living in the city, aged between 24-35.

Paging Brian Tierney: that’s your key demographic right there. Stop writing articles for/about suburban soccer moms. No one cares. Not even them. You’re not going to sell any more papers writing about the boring fucks who live in the suburbs.

Write about young people. Living in the city. Doing something somewhat attractive/admirable/reproachable/controversial… whatever. Pick one. People love young people. They might pretend they don’t. But they do. In fact, they can’t get enough of them. (More on that, later this week.)

Write your feature Image articles about folks between 20 and 35 (40 even) and the city in which they live, and just watch, you’re going to have a lot more people reading them. And if that section improves a little, who knows, the rest of the paper might catch on. You could even end up selling a few more papers each Sunday. Gasp, we know.

(Using some younger freelancers wouldn’t hurt either.)

A green hot warrior in the heart of the city [Inky]

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