Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Buddakans reportedly multiplying faster than rabbits in Spring

A Buddakan in Las Vegas? Another in London?

That’s the rumor Page Six is spreading.

If true, Stephen's quest for world conquest is progressing nicely.

But we have to ask: are chains really that cool? Sure four might be different enough, but how many does it take before they become indistinguishable and as cool as Cheesecake Factories?

Why not take a short break from the Buddas and try your hand at a boutique hotel, you know, like you were planning way back when?

Maybe somewhere around, oh, say that giant gaping hole at 1925 Walnut Street. (If you must, you could even put a Buddakan in the lobby, or, better yet, in the rooftop space overlooking Rittenhouse Square. Sounds pretty sexy to us...)

See, that’d be something new, unique and altogether appreciated.

If it’s on Page Six, you know there’s a 28% chance some portion of it might be true [NYPost via CP]
Without getting melodramatic, (a young) S. Starr reveals his inspiration for extravagant theatrical dining. Totally didn't remind us of Billy Baldwin in Sliver at all...
What's next for Starr? Toppling Starwood?

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