Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Breaking: Eagles to say so long to Gatorade?

If the Eagles are considering bringing Duce Staley back, why not go for broke?

Remember six years ago when Duce Staley and the Eagles opened their season by torching the Cowboys on a despicably hot day in Dallas, Texas?

Duce busted out for 262 yards from scrimmage and the birds poured it on, whupping the ‘boys 41-14. Ringing any bells?

Remember the big story of the day? How the Eagles were able to stay hydrated?

That’s right, Pickle Juice.

Well, it’s taken six years, but someone has finally taken the idea to market.

Meet Pickle Juice Sport.

This new “sports drink” allegedly has 30 times more electrolytes than Powerade and 15 times more electrolytes than Gatorade.

Sounds awesome.

The Eagles open their season in 12 days… and, once again, in Texas (albeit Houston). Coincidence? We think not.

Time to embrace the dill. After all, the Eagles' unis are green...

Only $18 for a 12-pack? What are we waiting for? [goldenpicklejuice.com via thrillist]
Eagles beat the shit out of the Cowboys to open their 2000 campaign with crazy-super-secret weapon [SI.com]

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