Friday, August 04, 2006

And you said Penn doesn’t have any hot chicks

From today's New York Daily News:
Malibu cops have said the Oscar winner spewed vile anti-Semitic bile during his drunken-driving arrest last week. But we hear the "Braveheart" star couldn't have been nicer to a fetching 23-year-old University of Pennsylvania grad student in 2001, when he was filming M. Night Shyamalan's "Signs" in Philadelphia.

Sources say the 50-year-old married father of seven was seen around town with the Jewish brunette, and even visited her apartment.

Yesterday, the woman, now 27 and married, downplayed their friendship, telling us, "We happened to be in a couple of places together."
OK. Three things:

1. Mel Gibson. Dave Matthews. These two are onto something. Penn can hold its own when it comes to talent. (Hands down, the best in the Ivy League.) And it’s only going to increase.

2. We’re a little miffed that we don’t know who this girl is. We definitely should. Please refresh our memory.

3. And three, why is she married? 27? Come on. WAY too young.

Mel Gibson likes his honeys young, dark and preferably affiliated with SDT [NY Daily News]

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