Thursday, July 27, 2006

USOC to city: Yea, about that… you’re not really on par with LA, San Fran or Chi-town

Maybe if the finalists were Houston, Milwaukee, Phoenix, St. Louis and Philadelphia, we’d still be in it. Apparently our rep has not improved internationally as much as we’d hoped.
Yesterday, the city was eliminated by the U.S. Olympic Committee from what had been a five-city competition to become America's candidate to host the 2016 Summer Games.

Surviving the cut were Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Houston joined Philadelphia in falling by the wayside. […]

USOC officials said the decision to cut Philadelphia and Houston was based largely on a survey the USOC conducted of 100 members of the Olympic community from around the world - the kind of people who ultimately will have the final say on where the Games go.

In that survey, said Bob Ctvrtlik, the committee's international vice president, it was "very, very clear that... the three cities, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, were best positioned within the international sports movement to go forward at this time."

Philadelphia and Houston came in fourth and fifth, not necessarily in that order, in the technical analysis as well, USOC officials said.

"Reading between the lines, it's clear that our international reputation was our main flaw," said David L. Cohen, executive vice president of Comcast Corp. and co-chair of Philadelphia 2016, the local organizing committee. "And it was the one thing we had no capacity to address in the time frame that was available."
Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…you’re pregnant:
The USOC did have some kind words for Philadelphia yesterday. Ueberroth called it "the most exciting city" of the five he visited and labeled the ongoing development of Center City "nothing short of spectacular." USOC chief executive officer Jim Scherr expressed his "sincere admiration."
So we got that going for us...

Reality check bitches: Philadelphia still dirty in the minds of the world, crazy creative clipart notwithstanding [Inky]

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Anonymous said...

This isn't rocket science. As long as Philly is known more for its cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, neanderthal sports fans, union thugs, corrupt pay-to-play racist politicians, decrepit neighborhoods and ignorant voters for whome being investigated by the FBI is a plus for the candidate, then we shouldn't expect to be taken seriously by the IOC community. Simple as that.