Monday, July 31, 2006

Tuesday Scrapple: Ed Snider teases us in the worst way

- Oh, snap: Comcast-Spectacor might sell the Sixers. It would pretty much be impossible to think of a better dream scenario for the Sixers, so we’re trying not to get our hopes up. But just imagine it: new blood infusing new life into the Sixers. Someone young, someone who recognizes the importance of making attending games enjoyable. (Seriously, young ownership would be so refreshing for this town.) So here’s hoping a Pat Croce/Mark Cuban-type has about $351 mil burning a hole in their pants. [Philadelphia Will Do]

- Philly Skyline speaks the truth. INHP don’t need no stinking fences. Especially in what is supposed to be a public national park. [Philly Skyline]

- Chase Utley and Ryan Howard continue to be the only reasons to attend Phillies games this year. But they are two very good reasons. Keep the hits/dongers coming boys. [SI]

- “Gosh, it’s funny you ask why we call it Antique Row when, in reality, there aren’t that many antique shops here any more. Well, it’s actually, you know, a funny story… you see what happened was, there’s this thing, think they call it the internets, and, well, long-story-short, people like food more than wood boxes. So we're thinking about a new name... how does 'For fuck's sake, this is Philadelphia, not Lambertville' sound?” [Inky]

- It’s possible that a MLS team could be moving to Philadelphia and taking up residence at Penn's Franklin Field temporarily while a permanent stadium can be built. Add Ronaldo to the mix and we’ll be season ticket holders. [Inky]

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